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fm - A small tool for the Firetop Mountain

This is a small (MS Windows) tool, intended to help you to survive on the Firetop Mountain Servers.
It might be useful for other versions of the "Waving Hands"/"Spellbinder" game (created by Richard A. Bartle) too.

I tested the tool with Windows 98/2000/Me. A user reported it also runs without problems under wine for Linux. Another user tested it successfully with Virtual PC on his Mac and with NT4. Please let me know, if you use the tool in other environments.

For those of you who don't have access to a MS Windows system (or just love the web and web applications) I've done an online version of the tool. Feel free to check out (offline since May 2011 - I'm sorry for that).

This tool comes with no warranty. Use it at your own risk.

This program is mailware. You may use it for free, but if you find this little tool useful, you're asked to send me an email with your comments.


Download the newest version from (~30k).

Maybe you additionally need to copy the DLLs mfc42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL to your /windows/system directory. CAUTION: don't do this if it's not really necessarry! And don't forget to backup your existing dll's!

To download prior versions of the tool, use the links in the version history.


Custom Spell Books:

Thanks to Craig Ferguson we've custom spell books on the Firetop Mountain Servers. Here's how to import them:

Please report any bugs, send comments or suggest new features to

Known bugs:

Suggested or planned features:

Version history:

Date Version Remarks/Changes
29.10.2001 1.0 First public release.
30.10.2001 1.1 Added support of the Classic, Standard and NoMonsters spell books of the Firetop Mountain Servers.
30.10.2001 1.1.1 Bug fix: elementals are part of the NoMonsters spell book.
30.10.2001 1.1.2 Update window title to show the used spell book.
02.11.2001 1.2 Added menu item to show the list of all spells in the current spell book.
30.01.2002 1.3 Handle invisible gestures. Use RichEditTextControl.
10.02.2002 1.3.1 Bug fix: if only one hand of a two handed gesture is known, the gesture is displayed red.
10.02.2002 1.3.2 Bug fix: removed the IndexOutOfBound bug of the last bug fix.
18.05.2002 1.3.3 Fix: if you know that one hand has done a P, the other (invisible) hand can't be P too.
19.05.2002 1.4 Added options in menu and toolbar to show finished spells, the number of gestures and number of illegal gestures of every hand. Indicate if there are illegal gestures or the hands are out of sync. Added icon to show the list of all spells in the current spell book to the toolbar.
20.05.2002 1.4.1 Minor changes to the icons.
24.05.2002 1.5 Added support of the Warlocks spell book.
30.09.2002 2.0 Revised spell book code. Added support of custom spell books.
19.07.2004 2.1 Added support for copy'n'paste of the gestures from Warlocks games.

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